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Just for Dx11 Graphic Cards?


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well, my friend having some trouble to start the game.

He has Win 8.1,, a Nvidia GTX 280, 8 GB of DDR3 ram and an AMD Quadcore CPU. 

Well, the problem is just, that the game don´t start @ all. Anything what happens is that the Dirt-Logo just popped up for a millisecond.
But the game wont start @ all. Is there anywhere an error file that i can open?

My guess is that the graphic card is just an DX10 card. If i check the game-data there is an option with "forced_DX10=false". I tried to make it work with the command true but it doesnt work. Any help? Another idea is just to buy a GTX 960.
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Yeah i´m interesstet in if the graphic carsd should be  able to manage the game (just cause of the DX10 thing).

It could be the Steam 41 error. He had also small problems while the installation. How did you fix that?
Microsoft C++ repairing?

He has more than 200 GB free space on C, that coudln´t be the problem. Maybe an error with 32bit-systems?
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