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DiRT Rally - Menu Settings eyefinity


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I have an Eyefinity triple screen setup, and have edited my hardware_settings_config.xml to force triple screen and my eyefinity_cameras_adjustments.xml file to set a reasonable FOV as suggested by @MrPix in the Feedback thread.

This all seems to work OK, but all of the menus are so small they are almost completely unreadable - it seems to be trying to render them at sub-pixel sizes. Is there anything that I can do to increase the size of the menus?
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I found my solution - just in case anybody else is in the same boat.

In my case changing the line in the hardware_settings_config.xml file (in Documents/My Games/DiRT Rally/hardwaresettings) to:
<eyefinity osd="" force="3x1"/>

rather than the "3x1p" as suggested by @MrPix works best for me. I know MrPix has a rather special setup - and I'm not even sure what the difference is meant to mean - but this setting fixed my issue with the menus
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Hey man, great you got it sorted. Just to explain, I exploit this feature so I can adjust the FoV, as I have a single 21:9 screen, but it's 84" diagonal. the 'p' bit suggests that there are 3 screens in 'Portrait' mode rather than the expected 'Landscape' mode so the gui is a little smaller with the 'p'.

As it happens, with DiRT Rally, I dropped the 'p' also ;)


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I knew I'd seen a thread regarding eyfinity. I had no issues in getting eyefinity to run but I find there are a few major issues to contend with.

Personally I've been trying out AMD's eyefinity since the RX patch @ 5888x1080  (bezel corrected) and I gotta say that it needs some serious work.... 
The game DOES play ok on trips, making the game much more immersive than 1920x1080. I'm running this lot:
2 Samsung 256GB 850 Pro SSD's in RAID0 (O/S and Steam, Origin, etc)
2TB storage drive, (Steam games, Origin games etc)
AMD 9590 @ 5GHz with Corsair H105 Hybrid cooler
Asus Sabretooth Rev 2.0
16GB 2133MHz DDR3 corsair Vengence.
1250W OCZ gold PSU
2, Sapphire 8GB R9 290X's with Arctic Accelero Hybrid 120 GPU coolers,
3x AOC e2343F Monitors in Eyefinity @ 5888x1080

I'm comfortably getting fps well over my monitors refresh rate of 60Hz so I tend to lay with V-Sync on so that the GPU's aren't being pushed to the limit and any "tearing" effects are limited.

The big problems I'm getting are these:

1) There is a serious curve in any vertical line which gets much more pronounced the closer it gets to the edges of screens 1 & 3, during the loading screens this can be seen clearly as the Background panorama doesn't always fill all 3 screens fully, you would expect any such "edge of image" to be a straight vertical line but it's not, instead it's curved, the radius of this "curve" is from dead centre of screen 2, (roughly checked using a bit of string).

2) There's also significant stretching/magnification effects which get more apparent as you look further from middle of screen 2. If you can avoid noticing this it's still playable though. It can be so bad that an object some distance away from you but at the outer edges of your field of view, will appear to be much larger than it looks when its out front and dead centre, even it's the exact same distance away from the car???

3) This is by far the worst one though, you cannot avoid noticing it and it's massively distracting. All along the bottom edge of screens 1 & 3 a horizontal strip about 10-20 or so pixels deep has a weird lensing/magnifying effect on everything as you drive, Sadly you just can't help being distracted by, 
The only way I can describe it is that it's like an effect you can see when wearing rimless glasses or shades, right at the very bottom edge of the lens there can often be a similar optical effect that can magnify objects and even make it appear like there's a distinct "step" right where the lens ends, I know My Mother sees this effect when she has her specs on and she can even feel a touch of vertigo as a result.

I wonder if both issue 1 and 2 could have possibly have anything to do with the Oculus Rift being supported? With it's circular lenses sitting much closer to the eye any such lensing/magnifying effect would be barely noticeable and even "draw you in" creating a greater feeling of "visual depth"?

I DO however, know that It's possible to remedy both of the first pair, just like they have managed to in Assetto Corsa, Here with eyefinity/surround running, entering the gfx options you can find some settings specifically for 3 screen rigs, here you can set your distance from the middle screen and also another setting for the the angle of the outer screens. Once setup correctly for your setup there's no more distortion whatsoever. regardless of whether you have all 3 screens aligned or angled, even the replays come out with no distortion at all...
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