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F1 2019 - Black and White Screen After Driver Update

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I had no issues whatsoever with playing this game on my laptop since it came out. A few days ago the game told me my graphics card was outdated and that I would need do an update. After completing the update the game was lagging and only displaying black and white.

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Hi @janiiiiih, I've split this out as it seems unrelated to the min spec issue raised in the other thread.

It sounds like you've updated your drivers and this hasn't quite worked properly. I would suggest reinstalling your graphics drivers first to see if that solves that problems, potentially using a 3rd party app that can do a clean driver reinstallation. If that doesn't work, then we'll need you to provide some additional info to help us help you, e.g. PC specs, dxdiag file, hardware settings used, etc. Info on how to provide this initial info can be found here.


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