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[Solved] Bug Report DiRT Rally - Custom Wheel Settings Don't Work Until Race is Paused


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I have changed the advanced wheel settings (saturation, linearity) to my liking but when I start a new event, my wheel still behaves as if the settings were at default values. If I simply pause the game then continue, my wheel now behaves according to my custom settings.

System Spec
Windows 8.1
Intel Core i5-3330
Nvidia GeForce GTX 660
8 GB Ram
Logitech Driving Force GT

Steps to reproduce
Change steering saturation to 95%, steering linearity to -10.
Custom Event> Any Stage > Ford Fiesta > Cockpit Camera View >  Enter event or shakedown for the first time (Can't be a restart). When you turn the wheel, notice that the wheel is way too sensitive for the -10 setting. My custom advanced wheel settings aren't being applied. Now, pause the game. No need to enter into any menus. Now simply press continue to unpause. Now the custom settings are working. 

Your recent history of races 
Custom Events, Ford Fiesta, Various Stages and Conditions

Which stage were you within the championship\custom event?
I have only tried custom events thus far.

What were you doing specifically when the crashed occurred?
No crash.

How long was your current session?
Happens on my first race of the session and every race thereafter.

Which graphics preset were you using?

Edit: This was resolved with patch v0.4.
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The same thing happens to me too. Doesn't matter what car or stage. Both on custom events and in career mode. It seems like the custom settings you make to the advanced wheel settings are not recoginzed until you pause the game once. I'm on Windows 8.1 and using an old Thrustmaster force feedback racing wheel.
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Exactly this! I use full 900 with saturation at 100. First time it feels great. Then I switch car or stage and suddenly the car is twitchy as hell around center of the wheel. Now I know why.
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