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F1 2019 Xbox Game Freezes

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Having issues with the game freezing. Out of 12 online races the game has frozen 7 times and 1 time in time trial causing my Xbox to turn off and 1 time just sat in the main menu also causing it to turn off my Xbox. 2 of the online races were apart of the eSports Challenger Series and have cost me points in the series. 

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game multiple times and reset my console multiple times, deleted saved data and tested connection 

At this moment for me the game is unplayable 

Examples of what is happening 

The Spain clips are double freezes and Bahrain clips are single freezes 






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This is a bit of a puzzle as there aren't many things that cause those sorts of symptoms. Possible things to consider:

  • Are you streaming, or using any other apps on the Xbox at the same time that could be consuming network traffic or system resources?
  • Is your Xbox overheating? 

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