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Playing F1 2019 with thrustmaster T300 RS GT?

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I’m concidering buying a Trustmaster T300 RS GT and i’m wondering if it’s possible to play F1 2019 with it? I’m mainly thinking about the pedals, can you use only 2 pedals while playing and does it effect the experience? If anyone of you got this wheel i would be greatful if you can share your experiance! Thanks in advance! : ) 

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Yes you do not have to use all 3 pedals. The clutch is useful for classics (or better games) I suppose.

You will need to fit the conical brake mod (comes with it) but I would consider uprating the pedals anyway. Depending on your plans, you could consider the T300RS non-GT as you may find that the rim and pedals are not the best for F1.

I use the F1 Rim (I have the Open Wheel Rim also) on balance, I prefer it. It's a bit non-ergonomic (you get used to it quickly) but it has sufficient buttons. I use G25 pedals with the GTEye spring mod (you only need brake) you can reuse the either the clutch or brake spring on the accelerator. I bought the set and actually use the clutch pedal with brake spring for 2 pedal (left foot braking). You need a passive adapter to attach the Logitech pedals to the wheelbase. I remap in-game but I could've rewired the pedals or the adapter as I only really play F1.

In my experience the only issue with Thrustmaster is durability. Having owned a G27 and a G920, I can say the build quality of the Logitech is better. Unfortunately, the Logitech wheels are not readily moddable or interchangeable. They are also not as sophisticated with FFB having only helical gears whereas the T300 is belt and gears. This leads to a rather noisy and ratchety sound and feel. But, the Logitechs are bulletproof and I would have no issue buying second hand. (The G27 has more metal than the G29/G920, but the G27 ran out of buttons.)

With the T300 you must update the firmware (always in the latest driver), to use other rims and I recommend the use of the 'always on' cooling fan mode. I have actually replaced the fan with a higher CFM rating and a lower current draw at my own expense (a few pounds). It was already noisy when diagnosing the PSU, cleaning didn't cure the sleeve bearing wear!

I also recommend FFB strength of 75% max, otherwise you will feel noticeable 'fade' after a few minutes play (normally 15-20 minutes depending on steering effort, the more turns or rougher terrain the sooner). I have had the PSU develop a buzzing during warranty. But, my experience with Thrustmaster support was great, they sent a replacement PSU for me to fit FOC. (I had to provide audio/video and send a photo of the unit serial and purchase receipt.)

I think early T300s were much worse than the newer ones but the stock is varied in age (new old stock) as the firmwares on turn on would testify. All the Thrustmaster connectors and cables are proprietary. e.g. you can get replacement PSUs for a Logitech.

So, in summary that's my experience. 



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