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FFB Wrong with T300RS

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Hi, I have a t300 bought a few days ago. I tried to play f1 2019 but the force feedback does not exist. I tried to play f1 2018 but the same. Force feedback as I also play on other driving titles. I don't know why the ffb is wrong. 

Forgive me for my English


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i use a t300 / racing rig ,

ps4 uk  Senna vs Prost legends edition ,preorder from psn store,

its not good news my friend, on day one release of f12019 the ffb for wheel users was amazing ,

sadly from around patch 1.04 or 5 onward the ffb has been mute especially in multiplayer by 35% ,

many of us have taken our time to post on here in the bug section along with hundreds of hours testing and league racing,

pad vs wheel was equal on day one release but 3 months later pad are faster by 1 to 3 seconds dependant on track,

f1 cars are highly stable with great downforce to go around corners and this sim was great but now they've made the f1 cars slow and highly unstable , most of it is down to ffb not sending the right info back through our wheels ,

heres hoping codemasters bring out a patch very very soon ,. I will pay .

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