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Getting 0 points in weekly events

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Hello everyone, I can't figure out what's going on. 

Platform: PC/Steam Win10
Game version: 1.09
Game mode: weekly event


I just did the Canadian weekly event 3 times and I got 0 points at the end of the session.

I usually play single player with a couple mods like "realistic damage" and I have a couple of helmet skins installed, I know performance mods like realistic damage can't be used online, so I removed those files from the game folder before trying to do the event. Finished the event....0 points.

Ok, then I thought maybe helmet skins aren't allowed either so I removed the skins and made a "verify game cache" from Steam just the be 100% sure every file was official. Finished the event....0 points.

Final step, full clean reinstall from Steam, full save delete from inside the game. Did the event again, finished, 0 points again.


By now I don't have ****ing clue on whats going on or why I'm getting 0 points. Haven't found any fix searching google or this forums.

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