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The state of this game.

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Okay, so the game has been out for a few months now. The initial patches released.
The game is dying around me. 

Even though f1 is more popular than ever and i know a lot of people that WANT to have fun with this game, it's been made almost impossible beyond comprehension. 

The game is STILL an unstable mess. 9/10 of our league races have to be restarted cause people crash out or the lobby doesn't ever start (since the last update a common occurence is only the 'desynced' cars being able to drive after tab out->tab in. This means we have to start te lobby again, make a custom grid, and nicely ASK all the drivers to conform to park ferme and tire rules... cause there is no way to enforce it. 

The league system that you brought to replace the online championship is totally unused for a lot of very obvious reasons that got pointed out to you guys in the beta but you clearly don't give a **** about (No reserves possible being a very very very mayor thing)  

-The total lack of stability AND the removal of online championship have made the league aspect of the game really bad-

Furthermore the inconsistent ghosting is very bad as well and the fact that one person drives through a ghosted car (for him) and for the other car he's getting destroyed by a car unnafected by the contact.. it's just ridiculous and needs to be patched ASAP. Just as the way too frequent random penalties (going wide turn 4 on outlap.. this and next lap invalidated, 5 second time penalty for getting hit in the rear) And peoples last laps being 30 seconds faster than normal and them winning a race while crossing the line in p5. <-- these are aspects that make the driving a lot less enjoyable than the last game. 

Lastly i think we can all agree on the fact that it's super disapointing you added some spectator graphics from tv.. but added them ONLY TO THE DRIVING PART OF THE GAME. (Like.. you've made the fastest lap guy's name purple.. but ONLY while driving so you can only see it if it's the car in front of behind you.. whereas the commentator who can see all the names and WANTS that information from time to time has to flick through the menu's XD (and hope to see the small text at the bottom instead of the fastest lap thing in the middle of the screen like on tv)  Same goes for the sector colored squares and info like fuel, wear, damage. 

The fact that penalties are still not visible for the commentator without 3rd party software is just proof of the fact that you guys don't give a damn about f1 or about this game. You just want quick cash. 

I must admit i fell for your "we've been working on this game for 2 years and it's gonna be different" hoax scheme. Apparently i'm exactly the kind of dumb consumer you are aiming for, 
But for the love of god either really try or give the license to a company that actually gives a ****. A lot of people are giving up on this game and i honestly don't blame them.  STOP GIVING LIVERY UPDATES BEFORE YOU FIXED THE GAME. Don't even do f1 2020 before you even fixed this game. First fix the league aspect, the stability aspect, the commentary/spectator aspect. Please show that you guys care for delivering a good game first. Lest codemasters becomes even more of a synonym for incapable than it already is. 

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I hope to god this downtime on the servers has fixed something. This failure to join ranked/unranked/weekly challenge lobbies BS is beyond palatable. Right now it's nothing more than a lottery.

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