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F1 2019 Crash (Ego Dumper) after Q3 [ZX]

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Hi all,

me and a friend do a league ... or rather try to do a league because we get for some races an error after Q3 and the whole session is reset.

Playing the game like that, does not make sense ... You find a evening where both have time, you play for 2 hours and then the error occurs and you can start it again ... that takes the whole fun of the game.
We drove Baku last two days and after each Q3 the error occurs...

It worked with One-Round-Quali but we like to have the complete session.

There are already some Questions regarding this Problem, but nothing worked for us.
(newest NVIDIA/AMD driver, latest Win 10, deleted hardware setting file, tried DX11 and DX12, switch off steam and afterburner overlay ...)

Does anyone have a good hint ?

Thx in advance and best regards,

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Hi @Hogger93, is the crash always on the same track? Have you both tried verifying you files? 

I can see that you've a lot already. Could you send in any crash dumps that you both have so that we can investigate further? Could you also both send in your hardware settings and DXDiags as well? You can find all the info and where to send them all in in this thread here. Please make sure that you both reference this thread so that we know what the emails are in relation to. Thanks,

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