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Things WRC8 does better

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Not a bash thread, just things that I'd like to see from WRC8 that aren't really in DR2.0

- Much more realistic colour palette, Codies seem to favour the bright and colourful approach https://imgur.com/a/jTRwgR6
- Way more weather/time options. Dirt really struggles here, in WRC you can get actual clear skies, actual overcast skies and everything else. Dirt is very stylised, seems aimed at taking fancy screenshots.
- Dashcam (coming to DR2.0 finally)
- Haptic feedback
- Long stages, especially the new ones - are great and offer something different to Dirt.

Of course, there are things Dirt does much better too. Anything else to add for people who have tried both?

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  • Handbrake. You can set sensitivity of your handbrake in WRC 8
  • Dynamic weather
  • Better UI  (more detailed options with tooltips)
  • Menu navigation (no veriety of buttons for the same action like in DR 2.0)
  • Last  action / event (highlghted / added a dedicated menu item to quick access) << very useful

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- Dedicated (push)button for Reverse
- detailed tyre wear statistic after a stage

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