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Inspiration from Project cars!


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I just found out about this game and loving the idea of racing on dirt and turning away from the arcade feeling of other games like Need for speed or the Crew.  Is this what Codemaster is wanting to archived with Dirt rally? They are already tons of arcade racing games for PC and for console and hardly any for hardcore sim racing. So race gamers who want this kind of fun have already lots to choose from. :smile: 

And if you want to make Dirty rally the best out there look to Project cars! All the mechanics and how they have setup up the game are for real hard core racers! Its very enjoyable and very challenging as its not about going fast to win like an arcade racing game such as The Crew.  You can go fast but you need to learn to control your car and tune it well if you want to be the best.

And go slow building up your game don't rush it as Project cars took several years and the final product coming out 8th May is going to be spectacular!
If your going to release it at the end of this year its not enough time making it the best Pro rally game out there!

Games with arcade and simulation feel.
WRC 4 is one of those games and there is going to be a WRC 5. So do hope you have thoughts of things so yours will be very different and challenging to WRC 4-5.

If you just want to move on to another game then it might not be so important working on it but if you aiming that it becomes a hit like Project cars then I do hope you be able to take time to develop it.

Also since this is your first time doing a hardcore sim why not learn from Project cars and see how they develop their game? It always help learning from other exp developer. :) 

Some links to get a taste what Project cars can deliver and may that inspire Dirt rally!

The Physics of Project cars:

Even the Graphics are super realistic in the game as you need a i7 with a high end graphics card to run all setting on ultra!

So I do hope Project car can inspire you to go that extra mile for making it hard core and fun! :smile: 


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