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What is the best way to complain

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There is a never ending series of stupid issues ranging from regular crashes (software) regular crashes by AI drivers just  smashing you off the rack.

Right after being forced out of Monaco with a forced retirement and endless gear box issues now right away in practice in the wet at Canada, meaning low stress driving there are more gearbox issues.

And this Jeff moron needs to punched in the face.

Are there ways to deal with this. Should I RTFM? Oh! There is no ******* manual is there?

What is the best way to complain about all this ****, it seriously detracts from the game.

I would love to say it's a computer simulation but the relentless childish stupidity and lack of  mouse selectability points to console GAMING.

It might be more fun just to vent about stuff than attempt to have an impossible career, with gearbox issues every second drive.

If there is a manual or a guide that I have missed that offers explanations and advice I will retract some criticism, otherwise, ****.


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We can only keep posting here.. 
and hope that, for the love of god, FOM wakes up and gives the license to a more capable company. One that actually puts a team on the job that's big enough/up for the task. 

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When they start the 2020 game with nice looking trailers and youtubers wooping from the rooftops, the fanboys yelping can't wait till it is released and counting the days down

Just remember how bad 2019 game is

And don't fall for their lies and promises and keep you money...

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4 hours ago, SturmDesTodes said:

It's #StormCodemastersHQ now!

Well you'd be protesting in the wrong place then 😛 F1 games are made at Birmingham which was independent Swordfish Studios before the F1 games.

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Who really cares any more,

codemasters have done a excellent job in ignoring paying customers ,

changed the ffb for wheel users iin patches in little under 3 months of f12019 being released ,

i am awaiting a reply from Liberty media , Bernie Ecclestone would not put up with this rubbish and that's a fact ,

i don't care anymore ,nor does most of the f1 leagues we all run, because we are all going back to Pcars 2'

how old is pcars2 now codemasters , how long did f12019 last codemasters,

give thoses silly people on YouTube free copies as they don't care either ,they just wanted a free game for views,

we on here spent good money and then spent hundreds of hours testing and racing and getting others to buy f12019 ,

we helped the f12019 community to grow and expand,

what did we get for all of our help and support , a kick in the teeth and blantaly ignored us,

then you codemasters changed the ffb for us wheel users to such an extent that you made almost unplayable ,

i am not angry or sad , I feel pity for those who worked on this game and did not have strength or foresight to tell your bosses  not to mess game up ,

yes I would have payed extra £20 just to have you codemasters rollback to patch 1.03 but not now ,

1 reply I got from codemasters in 3 months , this forum is filled with good decent people taking time out to report bugs and ffb muted problems,

you codemasters should be finding the bugs and fixing the ffb issuses not your paying customers ,

weve all supported you and want this f2019 to be a success ,

can someone please explain why f1.2019 ffb was changed in 6 patches , why tyre model does not work anymore,

this game did work perfectly from day one release ,so I don't understand how you can take some thing that was so brilliant and then make it so badly,

who made that decision because that person is at fault and is responable for all the postings about bugs on here.

i truly wish I could get a refund £65 Senna vs Prost bought from Sony ps4 store, and stop coming on here with the hope and excitement that you codemasters are going to fix f12019 , please just rollback to patch 1.03 


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