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[1.10][Xbox One X] Several issues

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I have several issues that still exists after patch 1.10 on Xbox One:

1. Got no point rewarded for fastet lap in Singapur finished outside points.

2. In rain AI drives much faster than I. I do not know what I can do against.

3. If qualifying has taken place completely in rain condition, the AI should have wet setups that they can only minimal alter for race. I qualified with dry setup but was still way slower in dry race than AI. That seems very unrealistic. If qualify had taken place in dry condition I am sure I would got the same pace or better than the rest of the field with same setup.

4. Still get unrealistic target positions for qualifying and race during contact negotiations.

5. I started 18th (qualified 3rd) because of broken parts that were changed. Finished 10th (contract target is 8th) but team manager was disappointed with my race. Why? Seems a bit to harsh for me.

6. Same race as 5 I started penalised to 18th with soft tires and qualified 3rd. On my first stint I could not hold the pace of the drivers in front of me and got even passed by 19th and 20th. On soft tires and setup that I qualified 3rd!!! After first pit stop I passed 10 cars with mediums finishing 10th. Must be a bug. Should have been much faster than the back of the field on first stint!

7. AI does accelerate much better than I do. Got better with patches but still annoying. Playing with Thrustmuster TMX wheel.

8. Still AI is pushing me off track even if I am in front of them and driving on race line or the inner side of a curve.

9. Still no safety car or VSC.

10. Rain on nearly every weekend. Sometimes in practice, sometimes in qualifying, sometimes in race. But on every weekend, on every track, in every country?

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Could you post these issues to either an already created bug report, or if you cannot find one, could you please create a new one? This would make it easier for Codemasters employees to investigate these issues.

You can also find the guidelines for creating bug reports from here:


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Take it or leave it. I took my time to report these issues and I am not willing to find a thread for each issue or open a new one for each. Be happy someone posts issues instead of keeping them for themselves. No offense, but in my limited free time I got better to do.


Best regards,


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