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Which FFB wheel will be best with game

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My FFB wheel is not formally supported. I have very little feedback as is and zero feedback from brakes locking up.

Would a better newer wheel, maybe direct drive,  have better feedback or is my wheel ok, it's a MOMO but seeing how terrible the feed back and feel and handling is I was wondering if the wheel may be a problem?

Is there a file to play with to get some decent feedback?

Also, neutral?

I bet a large sum of money that neutral is not one click below 1st gear in a real F1 car. Or any car.

Certainly not in motorbikes,  which have had sequential gearboxes for a long time.

It is ridiculous to be able to shift to neutral inadvertently and lose drive and traction.

Hitting neutral and stomping on the accelerator ruins the engine so it is not easy to do. Just one more wrong thing in the game.

Again, is there a file somewhere to adjust these things?

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What base to you have that the Momo is connected to?

FYI hitting a false neutral on a bike is a very real thing and can be quite dangerous depending on where it happens. 

Anyway, Fanatec Clubsport 2.5 with Formila V2 rim is really good. Consoles don't have full support of all the extra dials and buttons etc, though. Assuming you don't have that problem though since you're asking about files.

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DaleRossi. Thanks. The MOMO is just connected to itself, unless you mean the computer itself, there is no base. It's very old.

I have had motorbikes all my life and you are correct false neutral is annoying and dangerous. I think it is less prevalent now that tolerances are better.

Bikes have neutral between 1 and 2 so you can't bang down too far you have to carefully snick it in there.

If you keep a good pressure on the selector and now with power shifters false neutrals are less.

Fantec seem to be the best maybe I'll try one of them when I can get one

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