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AI tyres management when the rain starts is REALLY messed up! Some of them are pitting to use SOFT in instead of inter/wet, so they stop again in the following lap!

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It happened twice in a row here. Canada, where I finished second without deserving it, and now France.

Some of then put medium tyres again and most part put soft, when they should change directly to tyres designed for rain weather. 

This leads to lots of AI drivers pitting again in the next lap to finally put the correct tyres. 

This is EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING, mainly when playing 100% races like me. The whole experience gets destroyed after one hour and a half in a race. 


Note: In Canada, they put the same type of tyres they were already using when they were supposed to change to another different. Check the picture.

It's possible to see that they put again INTER when they should put WET, so they need needed an extra stop.

Also, at the end, in instead of putting MEDIUM directly, they used again INTER, creating another extra stop to fix the mess.



Seriously, WHAT'S GOING ON?!






























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And noticed it too in my last race in Japan. Weather went from dry to light rain, to heavy and then light and dry again. 

Both Mercedes pitted for new inters when everyone pitted for wets. After wets to inters went well for them, but inter to dry they did the same. Having new inters and then take softs..

they were running 1-2 at the start, finished 17-18 (2 retired).


I’ll try to see it as a strategy mistake from the team, helps with dealing with the situation 😂

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