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Ok initial impressions are I am very impressed, I would say this is certainly the best rally game you guys have done. Also I feel special note should go to your artists and level designers, all the stages look good but the Welsh stages are ridiculously well done imo.


I’m currently running with no UI to make it seem more realistic with no floating direction indicators etc but it would be handy to turn on/off individual elements so for example I could see the times at least, or only display penalties rather than a blanket on/off.


I feel at the moment the in car sound could benefit from the sfx from stones when you are near the edge of the track should be the default sound on track, the sound when you are close to the edge of the track should be increased with more stone/dirt hits on the underneath of the car, unless this was a specific design decision as it got too monotonous if you did ever have it like that.

I also think the SFX for locking brakes could be increased a little to make it clearer when this is happening I’ve only really been driving the mk2 escort and on audio evidence alone I would say I have never locked the brakes which I am sure is not the case (I am running it with no aids other than auto gears)

Reverse to First gear

Changing from Reverse to first gear atm seems instant/wrong is this actually how quick they can change or artificially amended or just broken :P

Pace notes Guide

An in game pace note guides (or mentioned in some tutorial) maybe handy for those that don’t read the forums as no doubt someone will now post one here :P

External cameras

For replays is there any chance we can have the option to stick to one particular camera all stage rather than flicking between them automatically or do all the camera not cover all the stage e.g. could we stick it on helicam on the start line and stay on helicam until the end?


I know the roadmap indicates a few things but do you know for definite what is going to be in each yet, I image you do know the majority and depending on community feedback you may add to it depending on timescales etc. So could you not disclose more details of the roadmap, it may stop 100 people asking for certain cars/tracks which you already know will be included.



For me and perhaps a lot of your fans rallying is Welsh stages and Kielder, Grizedale forest, Chatsworth House and Manx/Irish tarmac rallies, obviously I am biased as I am from the UK but more of this kind of track please, hopefully there are UK tracks in the tarmac update (I know, I know I want too much! :O)

Historic events?

Is there any chance that old events for example the Lombard Rally could be added or is the fact that it is an old event harder licence wise rather than easier?


Any chance of a Peugeot 306 Maxi in the tarmac add-on or just in general?


Talking of fans I’m sure in Grid when you crashed near the crowds they responded with an ‘OOOOooo’ or something, I haven’t noticed it in Dirt but would be nice to have again.


Also Dirt Rally needs its own forum with Suggestions, bugs videos/images/leagues section etc

K, think I am done, hope some of that is useful.

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Yeah that's great, but as I said it won't help anyone who isn't coming to these forums in the first place, or googling etc and whilst that is easy enough to do I don't think they should take it for granted that that is how people should get that information.
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If you google Rally Pacenotes it comes up on the 1st page, that's how I found it.

But the fact is, this is an early access game and the majority (if not all) the people who buy the game already know how pacenotes work, either because they already own a rally game, or are rally fans. It's nowhere near finished product, so I wouldn't take it for granted that an explanation of pacenotes isn't going to be included.
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Yeah I realise that I just thought I would add it to the list, I'd be surprised if as you say by Nov or whenever when it is looking more like a boxed product it doesn't include a tutorial or similar which explains it.
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