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Just a little thank you


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Dirt Rally really suprised me, in a good way. I have already given up on the series and own the later titles only because they were either cheap or came free with my graphics card. But it seems like all the clutter of the previous Dirts has been removed for Dirt Rally. Here's what I really like about the new one:
- Very basic carreer mode, essentially just racing (that's why we're gere, right?) and some car setup
- No accounting with sponsors and stuff
- No boring intro videos
- The game is hard, just sitting down and winning a race is not possible, you actually have to learn the car's handling
- So far no microtransactions (hope that's not only an Early Access thing)
- Clean and simple menus

And the most important part:
- No Gymkhana

So, keep up the good work and your Rally games and I will be friends again ;)
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I also do like the game a lot, but something I always liked about codemasters was the in-game animation,intro videos etc.
not necessarily Dirt style , but the ones in F1 series are really good.

really great improvement over Dirt3 , which was my favorite rally game up till now
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Chiming in with more praise! We sim-rally enthusiasts have been waiting for so long for this breath of fresh air. One suggestion for Codemasters, though; save your money and skip on narrators! They plagued DiRT 2 and 3! They could get downright condescending.
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