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[F1 2019] Logitech G27 force feedback and stuttering issues

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I just installed f1 2019 for the first time to use with my G27. If I choose any force feedback strength setting higher than 0%, the wheel in game gets stuck for about 1 second, and then will move again to a new position and stick there for 1 second and so on. It's as if the wheel's refresh rate is too low.  

I downloaded the newest NVIDIA drivers and newest G27 drivers from Logitech and tried restarting the game and my computer. It didn't help. I also tried settings with 0 and 100% FFB with max steering angles of 200, 360, or 900 in Logitech profiler. None of them work. 

The problem still persists at 0% FFB but is less severe. If I drive down a straight and zig-zag my wheel back and forth I will make it about half way down the straight before it gets bugged and locks the wheel at whatever angle it currently is. The same happens for the pedals so either the brake or throttle can stick when my foot is fully off of it.

In the calibration menu, everything appears fine.

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Can you ensure that the wheel getting enough power? It sounds like the wheel isnt getting enough power meaning when it uses the power to FFB, it has no time to update the system. 

Also could you share what kind of FFB settings you have in-game and in the Logitech profiler?

Hopefully you can get it fixed 🙂

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