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Wrong resolution in Windowed Fullscreen when using 2nd monitor.

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I'm running Windows 10 with a two-monitor setup. My first monitor has resolution 1920x1080, my second monitor has resolution 1680x1050.

I want to run F1 2019 in the second monitor that has resolution 1680x1050. I also want to run it in the Windowed Fullscreen mode.

Everything works fine if I run it on the second monitor in the fullscreen mode. However, when I select "Windowed (Fullscreen)", only part of the picture is visible. The menu shows "1920x1080 Custom" as the resolution and I can't change it.

The screenshot is what I get after changing the settings. The game thinks it's running in 1920x1080, but as my screen is actually only 1680x1050, the picture is cropped and I'm seeing only a part of the picture. For example, the centre of the cockpit is not in the centre of the image, since the right side of the image is cropped off.





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