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More times of day (and weather conditions) the easy way

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so, many people aren't happy with the amount of times night pops up in weekly/monthly challenges as well as the career. for them it's too much.

this is an issue because there simply aren't enough times of day in the game. 4 just doesn't cut it, and Wales has just 3(!!!) I have a few suggestions, so here's a numbered list.

1) so the easiest way to get more is to do what was done in the historic championships with Dawn and Sunrise (these times of day exist there). Dawn and Sunrise are simply Dusk and Sunset, renamed. sure, the sun wouldn't have changed position or anything, but whatever. so you could "add" these for each location.

2) split "daytime" into morning and afternoon. this is similar to 1) but instead of copy/pasting the lighting/weather options from one to the other, you could just take half the current daytime weather conditions for each location and call them "morning" and call the other half "afternoon". ideally you want one dry and one wet for each new time of day, but I know that's not necessarily possible with the DLC DR1 locations.

3) combine elements of preexisting conditions for each location to create new ones. I honestly don't know how feasible this one is. I'll explain. in Greece, if you want to drive it in the wet, it has to be at sunset. but I'm guessing it's not massively hard (could be wrong of course) to take that wet road and combine it with the preexisting daytime overcast sky, so you get a wet road, but no rain. this already exists in other locations such as Spain.

4) again, I don't know if this is possible, but... copying skies from one location to another could be handy too, and give more weather condition options and times of day... dusk in New England is far darker than anywhere else, for instance. I personally don't really care about having each location retain its "unique flavour" when there's only like 4-7 total different lighting options for each.

5) less easy: just put time and money into making new ones. I'd totally pay for it.

6) please add Dusk to Wales? please?

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for everything. ok, not really needed in time trial, but everything else. My Team, Custom Championships, Clubs etc.

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Hope when season 4 is over there could be more time to make some add-ons to weather conditions?
Like missing rain at Finland.

Someone asked lightning to weather conditions...I´m pretty sure that saw incoming very dark clouds and lighting when drove RX at Portugal, so it´s there already?!

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