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Small/Simple things which would add greatly to the sim experience


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1. Ability to render each screen separately when using three monitors, both iracing and assetto corsa do this very well and it should be the standard for all racing sims... im sure a developer of codemasters stature could implement this ?

2. Option to hide the steering wheel, this is very important to a lot of sim racers

3. Larger FOV adjustments, it's far too limited at the moment.

4. Seat up and down adjustments

5. Better controller calibration. Sims like iRacing let you configure your wheel with 900 degrees rotation and then the sim automatically assigns you the correct/real life degrees of rotation for whatever car you select. The current system is outdated and very clumsy.

6. Pedal input metres for throttle/brake and clutch (when you support it !)
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