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Singapore Marina Bay Ferrari Set up


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Here's what i use:


Singapore, Laptime: 1:34:6.


Aerodynamics: 4/5

Transmission: 50/60

Suspension Geometry: -2.8/-1.4/0.13/0.26

Suspension: 2/2/5/5/1/3

Brakes: 56/92

Tyres: 21/19.5


You can crank the low front wing angle up to 5/4 instead to create oversteer, but leave it at 4/5 if you want understeer instead.


Either way, with aero i wouldn't go higher than 6 or 7, else you will lose too much topspeed.


In real life topspeed was 320+kmh, to reach that you need either 3/4 or 4/5 or 5/6 wings.


Fastest guys in the game use 10/8 wings, but they only reach 300kmh - 308kmh whilst making up all the time through being on throttle very aggressively.


Ironically to be fast around the fast corners, which is demanding on aero performance, you need to have higher wings but lose topspeed in the process.


Game is lacking downforce by at least 20%.


Medium aero wings is okay for this circuit, as Singapore is a technical track which is all about mechanical grip, and the game got the mechanical grip spot on imo, only downforce is weak in the game.








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7 hours ago, SturmDesTodes said:

Here's what i use:


Interesting stuff. I've had a very similar setup with the multiplayer car but with much higher wing settings, as to which you referred to. How much laptime do you recon the difference is? Maybe I'll try it tonight. With the Ferrari you can get away with a bit higher wing settings than with the Merc because it's less draggy. Not sure if it holds for Singapore though, because the straights are quite short.

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