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My own suggestions


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First of all i would like to say i'm enjoying this early access a lot :smiley: , maybe more than all the Colin McRae Rally (I have all of them).  But I 'd like to do some suggestions for a better experience.
 (you may have problems understanding my english beacuse it's not my native language)

1. Improve FPS at night and rain: I don't have a good rig but i am still capable of running the game above 30 fps the most of the time, but at night and rain i may have 20 fps (average)
2. The interior cams: they have a huge fps loss. Another "problem" is the virtual steering wheel rotation limit (I think 180 degrees is the maximum) and sometimes is annoying because i'm using 540 degrees (real WRC steering limit) on my DFGT . It would be great that the virtual steering wheel didn't move by itself, i think that if you want to let me know i'm on a bumpy surface it's better to transmit that on the ffb and make the virtual steering wheel look an exact copy of mine. (i'm not sure if i explained it well :# )
3.Show the distance of the stages on the menu.

Thanks for reading and again i want to congratulate codemasters for this great game.
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