Hey guys @RedDevilKT  @Hoo, After extended testing for several mounts in 2016 2017 2018 and 2019 I found that the safety car after 2016 is broken in the carrier mode. All of the tests were done with simulation car damage 25 to 100 race length and safety car on. Tested on the PC steam version. All of the latest game versions. So I played one season for all of those games and the results are: The cause It's the flashbacks when used they remove the SC from the race entirely. I think Coddies have the intention to remove the random safety car deployment after a flashback but in the process removed the possibility entirely to be summoned. The Safety Car/Virtual Safety Car should no longer trigger after a flashback. Quote from 1.15 patch notes. when does it happen   GP mode You can bring the safety car in all of the games out after deliberately crash some cars. In 2016 was the easy test the safety car came out from the first attempt. In the other 3 games, some of the sessions didn't have safety car even if I destroy most of the cars on the track and they are left in the middle with missing wings and tiers. The easy way to bring the safety car in 2018, for example, was to bottleneck Monaco or crash some cars in the barriers in Azerbaijan but this did not happen in all of the other tracks. If the cars have some problem they safely park and disappear. In the end, safety car appearance is very rear in this mode in 3 of the games. In 2016 the car comes more often. Career mode. Here is the real problem. In 2016 I have plenty of safety car it was nearly every race for several times. Every time there were an accident I crash or someone parks their car I got one. So this game from my experience works as intended. 2017 2018 and 2019 I have a different experience. In all 3 carriers, I don't have a single safety car but some times VSC. If there is an accident the track is just cleared and no VSC or SC appear. Sometimes there is VSC but is very rear maybe 10 for all of a season and this is stretching it. I made a test in Interlagos in my 2018 carrier I start the race at the end of the first DRS zone I cause a big crash 3 cars were destroyed no VSC or safety car the just disappeared. Later I abandoned the race and start to cause crashes I destroy around 14 cars the result was the same all of them in the middle of the track ton of bodywork and they just disappeared. In conclusion from my experience in the later 3 games, the safety car in the carrier mode is completely broken and do not work. This is so absurd how you can have working SC in 2016 and in the later 3 games did not work.  Conclusion I read many complaints in the threads around the forum. Many people have similar problems like me. Some have working safety car but why when there is a crash in the carrier mode did not function. I read this thread bellow and find that the SC in 2018 was working at some point but patches broke it. 1.15 is mentioned below. I suppose maybe because of the multiplayer or in an attempt to remove a bug when you can summon it when using flashback they completely unintentionally remove it and in the end, the SC did not work anymore. My theory is that the dev team test it on GP mod but not in the carrier mode that's why is broken now. This "fixes" were transferred to 2019 and that's why we don't have safety car now. What was shame 3 broken games 2017 2018 won't be fixed and looks like 2019 also will be left in this state?  Example of the problem Reddit Thread with additional video examples  https://www.reddit.com/r/F1Game/comments/cnr4jy/the_safety_car_is_broken_in_f1_2019/ SC_Test.mp4