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What´s the point of setting the «Time control break» to «Off»??

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On 9/27/2019 at 8:19 AM, bogani said:

Remember that the chosen FoV can make things look sped up. Watch the first part of this clip. The camera FoV makes it look insanely much faster than what you would perceive it IRL. It basically looks 'arcade'. 


You also have to remember the inch-by-inch memorization of the stages and the infinite retries that are being given. All this sums up to absurd attacking of each corner to extract every single tenth. 


However, I do agree that if you watch the WR out there, you can probably push slightly too hard and still have the grip hold up a bit too much compared to IRL. It's not that big of a deal for us mere mortals, but the 'aliens' out there expose this. 

I’m aware of the camera effect, but my arcade comment is actually based on what you see in the game when looking through the chase cam which proves my concern: the game doesn’t encourage the driver to drive like a rally driver, it encourages the driver to drive like a maniac. And then people might say that rally IS driving like maniac, revealing that they really don’t understand what the rally sport really is about.

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