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How to do Local Multiplayer in Dirt Rally 2.0!


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So you have a friend over and want to play Dirt Rally 2.0 with them, but not just comparing times on individual stages. You want to have a proper Rally Championship experience where your car damage is carried over from stage to stage, you have service stops to think carefully about what to fix and what not to, and your stage times are added up after each stage giving you a total time to compare with your friend at the end, to determine a winner! 

I have found a way to do it. This method will allow players to take turns in each stage of a full event or championship, but also allow each player to have their own individual damage carried over to their next stage. It will also allow each player to see their own individual overall times in the championship, so you can compare times throughout, and at the end, to determine the winner. 

1. In "Custom", select "Create Championship". Make a custom event/championship that you would like to play with your friend and SAVE it.

2. Select "Start Championship". Player 1 now starts playing. After he finishes the first stage, select "Quit to Main Menu" instead of continuing. 

3. Now select "Create a new championship" again, and load the event/championship that you saved in step 1 (this one will be for player 2). Select "Start Championship" and now player 2 will do the first stage. As before, select "Quit to Main Menu" after finishing the first stage.

4. You will now see "2 Championships Suspended" in the RESUME section. One for player 1, and one for player 2. Unfortunately you can't name these, but the "Last Played" section will let you know whose is whose. Now you can just take turns to do the stages in your own individual championship (just make sure to always select quit after you finish a stage, rather than continue)

The only real downside is that you are not truly in the same championship, so the results you get after each stage showing how you placed against all the AI will not sync between the 2 players, and is therefore irrelevant. This is really only a HUMAN vs HUMAN championship, and the overall time between just the 2 of you. Hope it works out fun for you!

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