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Last update demands qualifying only mode

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Given the way that the ‘AI’ appears less intelligent than ever since the last update, coupled with so many cheats in the game I request codemasters put in a qualifying only option for duals.

The ads appear ever mote intrusive which hurts all the more when getting rammed off the circuit by npc’s. It only adds insult to injury when opponent cars disappear and meander their own way around the circuit.

The qualifying dual is the only way to get a decent challenge when competing against over powered pay to. play opponents and npc’s that behave as if they’re in bumper cars, also add the damaged ‘safety rating’ when being rammed by the sociopathic automated opponents.

Would I prefer the game to operate on a qualifying only mode?

No but I don’t see a choice for non paying players who can no longer match car performance with those emptying their pockets in to the gane and trying to compete with the dumb AI.

Its either qually only for me or delete, which would be a shame as the game had so much promise. Now I get the feeling I just can’t be bothered.

I don’t want to rant about the ridiculous charge for retry nonsense, just another way to lever cash out of your pocket. The idea that ‘it’s more like real life when there’s a chargeable retry option’ has any credence at all is a nonsense or are codemasters suggest we wait until next year to compete again in the GP we’ve just crashed out of...just as in real life? What a crass argument, it’s a gane for lords sake!

Here’s hoping for some sensible adjustments find their way in to the next update or it’s goodbye f1 mobile for me...

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The worst one for me to swallow is when your opponent goes off the track, you have the racing line, he bumps into you from the side trying to get back onto the track and YOU get the engine penalty whilst he races away at full speed.

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I'd like to know why in a Sprint race I just had at Sochi (a track I love and always do well) as the countdown to the race start began and I had no control over the car, I drove straight into the fence with still 2 seconds until race start. By the time I rejoined the race I was 12th with a 9 second gap to opponent in 3rd. Who created this line of coding? Nobody, that's who, because it's a bug and this game has more bugs than my old dorm mattress. (I never had a dorm mattress, but it makes for good stand up comedy) No? Alright forget it. Good night, you're a terrible audience.

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