This is an old idea. Imagine the classic grid1 2008 remastered with a photorealistic graphic engine, with new cars models, more detailed tracks etc. (maybe new car sounds). Everything else exactly the same as grid1. So menu structure, car Handling, camera bouncing, online system etc. Then additional content with DLC: new tracks dlc and new cars dlc. The idea is to have back this classic, like the halo1 anniversary… why not grid1 ?    And i think about some new features: - Interactive leaderboards (feature like cloud ghost car, replays etc) - Total customizable livery system with parental control.  - No car power tuning, instead a total customizable setup for car Handling (suspensions, gear ratio, camber,  etc all parameters of car). With setup upload online (and download also from specific player racenet account). - Nicknames as steam and avatar preview visible on track. - Nicknames gold color for long service player, example who have codemasters account 5year old or more.  - No a single old feature cut, so everything we had is still there (text chat, spectator mode from lobby etc). - New penalty system for track cutters. - An infraction system. - Watermark for unfair racers, an automatic watermark when player get a specific number of infraction.. the watermark go away with 2weeks of inactivity online or no infractions. - Classic kickvote for lobby, with the number of times a player got kicket into stats. - leaderboards and track records replays avaible with browser. - Interactive stats panel for each player, with some social media account integration (YouTube, Facebook, twitter etc). - a gift system, gift for milestone achievements, example rare livery for racers with 10000victories etc.. etc.    What i want here with this thread ? The first a community feedback, so everyone click like and comment with NEW ideas. The second i want that someone in charge at codies read and maybe think about it for real.
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