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Where is my Deluxe Edition of Dirt Rally on Xbox One?

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I feel like I have never bought the Deluxe Edition in January (90€ in advance).
Now if I go to the Store on Xbox One I can buy the Deluxe Content "AGAIN" for 27€.
Do I really need to pay again?
I need to know what is exactly happening with all this stuff because is not clear at all, especialy for people buying the Deluxe Content

Let see what you've got in the Microsoft Store at this moment:

-the Day One Edition (28€)

-the Deluxe Edition (36€)

-the Deluxe Content (27€),

-Deluxe Content S3 & S4 (27€)

-Super Deluxe Edition (66€ with S1-4. I payed 90€ in advance and you make me pay again for S3&4? ) 💔

-and Year One Pass (with S1-4 again) for 50€

The thing is, if anyone now get the Day One Edition + Super Deluxe Edition (S1-4) they can get EVERYTHING
very much cheaper than all people who payed 90€ (for something called Deluxe Edition) at the beginning, thinking we are going to have the whole game.
Don't you think that is really unfair?

Is that the way CM does with people who want to really pay for theirs products?


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