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Simulating race in career

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firstly sorry for my english 

its my second season in mclaren in my first season i finished 7th with %50 race distance didnt simulate any race. In second season mclaren is third in overall performance and i am 4th in standings hamilton(replaced norris in season 1) is 1st with 34 points gap and %100 race distance. I got pole on japan ham was 18 because of penalties but i am not consisten in japan so i decided to simulate the race i got 19th hamilton was 3rd.I was furious.Then i got pole again in mexico hamilton was 5th i copy my save files and simulate race for multiple times. i finished between 15 and 19 hamilton always get a podium then i lower the diffuculty results are the same 

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Simulating sessions always gives you a bad result. It is a known issue and until it is fixed it’s not worth simulating races.

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