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Epic Photo Mode shots

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I got a cool pic I wanna show, this was in one of my Ranked races before v1.12, in Monza I was struggling to catch the leaders in front and along the way I got too much contact with everyone around me and that cause my cause to get a ton of visual scratches on the sides and front wing, I was in 2nd trying to catch the leader but pushed too hard in the final corner and slide into the gravel but before I hit the wall I got this cool shot of me drifting in the gravel Tokyo Drift style (I still hit the wall but looks cool either way) and you get a good look of my car looking visually damage but that sums up every race in Monza in a nutshell lol.

2033728220_S4ScreenShot2019-09-2613-48-52.thumb.png.57dbc553db8e4c572ac25a0067332661.pngWhat you guys think, pretty cool shot, eh?

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