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First Official Female In An F1 Game

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Impressive stuff, so far been enjoying the new 2019 F2 line up and looks like the performances (especially the brakes) are better too.


I was going to race with Mick Schumacher, just the name Schumacher holds such weight! But then I see you have Alfa Romeo F1 Racing Team's test driver Tatiana Calderón in the mix! First female in F2 and first official female driver in an official F1 game! I'm not for glory or having difference just because.. Talent and determination should always rule over all else in these situations. But in this new age and with still so much to do about sexism, how advanced we think we are as a species but seem often more than not to act in the opposite, its a nice fresh welcome. Congratulations Codemasters for getting there before Red Bull did (I know they like all the record breaking firsts) 😉 Though they may still beat records with an official F1 female driver but that remains to be seen for future unknowns..


Now we just need custom teams in career mode 😉 We are half way there if anyone has noticed with online liveries, its officially a unique team with unique sponsors 😉😉 throw it into career mode, add some managerial content, choose an engine supplier, sponsors etc. The better you do the more interest you get to apply better parts and better sponsors. Add yourself as a unique new driver and the spare seat to any F2 driver of your choosing and wala! You get your own team to race from zero to hero vs the greats! Career mode just became Dream mode! 😍😘

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