Report Code: HREG-XTCH-ERHA-SXXS @RedDevilKT @Hoo @Hoo  Today, I had our weekly WOR League Race in China. Before, I was fiddling with the setup in TT, trying to get close to my old TT from the first patch. The closest I got is .3XX. Same setup and differently tried others. My second stage in the setup process is to setup a mock Solo Grand Prix race to see how the setup from TT effects the tires, balance, and get further data around race pace. If I have enough time, I setup an unranked multiplayer session to make some fine tunes with tire pressure and balance.  If I had to rank the feel or FFB and coupled with performance per session. TT - Ok but something is off and can't understand why I am not coming close to my old TT prior to first patch.  1:31.377 - My PR 1:31.659 - Newest setup and Closest I could get. Bad.  1:32.305 - If I used my old setup. Grand Prix Solo - Feels amazing. My pace is definitely faster than my multiplayer race pace and qualifying.  1:30.120 - Qualify Time  1:35.450 - Fastest Laptime - Mediums  Setting fastest times on level 105 which is very close to race pace in my league races at ILR and WOR WOR Multiplayer Unranked Server League Race - Horrible feeling and zero fun. Feels like I am driving an F2 Car compared to my pad competitors and my wheel colleagues are quitting half way or less due to the extreme lack of performance. 18 Runners today 12 Pad Users (most of them switch to pad because of pace) 6 Wheel Users (most of them barely scored a point this season) 1:32.737 - Qualifying Time on Reds at 85 Degrees:  1:31.046 - P1 and Pad User 1:37.009 - My best lap time. Horrible.  1:35.751 - Fastest lap time by competitor  My troubleshooting to date: @Hoo I had tried your recommendation by turning off "enhanced understeer." Yes, this had significantly improved the force of the wheel against your hands, compared to it being on. When it is on, on unranked multiplayer only the FFB feels like I had changed the FFB number from 125 to 50. I would either need to max everything out in order to get some feeling back or I need to do your suggestion by turning off the enhance option. Something is off with this game and the wheel. There is a strong correlation why pad users are winning in my leagues. I had tried to mess with the throttle/brake linearity to possibly get more grip from zero assist and turning on, Med-traction and ABS. None of them works.  I had been using RST Software to analyze my slip ratios, rake, balance, loads, and COP. Its crazy when you compare the data to pad vs wheel users. They seem to have a lot less percentage and less spikes associated with front and back wheel slippage. The bottomline, they seem to be quite more efficient than wheel users.    I am at a loss, gents. I am at a loss.