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*BUG* No Blue Flags after Session Rejoin

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I have encountered this bug twice. The second occurrence I captured and can evidence the bug on my twitch stream.

During an online unranked “Race” my game crashed to desktop. Upon relaunching my game, and rejoining the race session, and taking back control of my car from the AI(which took over after CTD), blue flag on screen indicators no longer appear, and I do Not receive audio prompts from Jeff the engineer.

As this is the second time this bug has occurred after crashing to desktop I believe it is related to the Crash to Desktop in conjunction with the  AI taking control of the car. 

at 60 seconds I am passed by van beats. At different parts of the video I am also passed by different drivers  


Occurrences: 2 times, separate days.
Version: 1.10
Platform: PC - Steam
accessory: xbox One PC controller. 
Type: Online Multiplayer
Players: Human Only

Number of players:
18 first occurrence.
13 second occurrence. 

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