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[PS4][MULTIPLAYER] League not ending

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I'm participating in this 5-event league called krauzik95 and the last event (event 5/5) was on september 20, but the event isn't closing.
When i go to the league sceen it still says: 'NEXT LEAGUE EVENT' with 'Go to event: OPEN'. But can't join.
I am sure i'm connected to the internet. Ranked multiplayer is working fine. 

I hope someone can solve this issue for me as I'm in 1st place and would get the playstation trophy for winning a league event.
Thanks in advance.


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Hi @RedDevilKT

Thanks , but I eventually out of desperation got everyone to exit the Leagues and abandoned them in the state they were in.

Unfortunately, the Current Well Documented Constraints with the Online League System means its a Good idea, but not used by any of the more Serious Leagues.

Until they are fixed and more flexibility is introduced to League Owners, it will stay un-used.

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