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Annoying response from team after engine/gear box failures

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Dunno if anyone else finds this infuriating in career, but happened to me again today, had a gear box failure during the race, forced me to retire from session. 

I don’t mind this, it happens. But then as you advance you get a sh!tty message from your manager about your poor performance and loose respect with the team.  

Really infuriating 🤬

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Yeh it's cos the 'career' immersion feedback is entirely results driven not driver performance driven. Not your fault its just simplistic coding is all. 

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5 hours ago, kalamazoo123 said:

Way too simplistic. I’ve said it before but it’s my biggest gripe with the game.

Sounds horrible to say but it looks like so many 'cool' new features were added by the intern on a Saturday morning.

Hey kid can you add driver transfers? 

Sure boss I'll it right away, I still got 15 mins before I go home. 

Hey kid can you add some career embellishments? 

Sure man, about 10 random comments be OK right? 

Hey lad can you add in a virtual mirror during your tea break?

Ummm sorry chief, that looks complicated, still haven't finished with safety car yet..... 

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This is only the only reason I can see why they haven't added random failures for the player. They know that this will happen where players are losing reputation despite it being a mechanical failure so they can't, or won't add it to the game. I'm convinced it's this and not the usual reasoning of "it would annoy a lot of players" like they don't know what an on/off toggle is for.

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