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Help with t80 and f1 2019 plz


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Hey there mate!

I've just bought the F1 2019 game for PS4 and also the Thrustmaster T80 and after spending a whole weekend on playing it and testing everything I got my perfect setup. I hope this one is going to bring you and everyone else more joy on this amazing game.



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Thank you so much for helping me on this. I have tried rhe settings you use and it's definitely now much better. I really appreciate you taking your time to help me. One more question for u , do you have it setup as a 180 or 360 degree steering wheel? I think this one is 180 but want to make sure. Thanks again



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My pleasure mate! In fact I was pretty new in this game when I first answered your question, at that moment I was driving against AI=20. Now I've improved a bit as e-driver (actually playing against AI=70), without assists and had to change the settings a bit to fit better to my needs. Here are the new settings I'm using and having fun with:

T80 Thrustmaster Settings (F1 2019 PS4):
Steering: 10 / 50 / 5
Throttle: 3 / 0 / 5
Brake: 3 / 0 / 5

Wheel Rotation: 240

Cheers!! 👊😎

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