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New Control Option: Mouse Steering


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Hey Codies!  

Please please please consider adding mouse steering in Dirt Rally, that's the only thing holding me back from purchasing.  Mouse steering is a viable control option that offers more precise handling than a gamepad or keyboard controls.  Obviously, it's no comparison to the authenticity of a wheel, but for those who don't have a wheel setup, mouse steering provides a nice, convenient alternative with minimal setup and takedown requirements.

For a recent example, Assetto Corsa has this implemented well and it's allowed me to pour in 200+ hours into the game.
It's an old video, but here's something for reference (notice how mouse steering allows for fine maneuvers): https://youtu.be/M01Svo9LYK0?t=26s

Thanks for putting such a great effort into Dirt Rally!

EDIT: Added video link
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Hey guys,

Could you post up your idea in the suggestion box please? It would help us keep track of how many people would like it better http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/6034/community-the-dirt-rally-suggestion-box
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