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Where is the PROJECT CAR's / ASSETTO CORSA equivalent from codies

World Of Motorsport game?  

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  1. 1. Would you like A World of Motor Sport game from Codies?

  2. 2. How would you like the game to feel?

    • Arcade
    • Simcade
    • Simulation
  3. 3. What Racing Disciplines Interest you the most?

    • F1
    • Indycar
    • Other Open Wheel categories?
    • Endurance Racing
    • LMPs
    • Gt Racing
    • Rally
    • Drifting
    • Drag

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Why on earth does Codemasters not have their own WORLD OF MOTORSPORT GAME?

I mean Assetto Corsa with mods is Literally a never ending game. Project cars 2 does alot of stuff really well. but I am not really good at SIM RACING to be honest sure I can Survive and Win a difficulty level 90 race in F1 but F1 lets me really push hard without having to worry about alot of stuff. These more serious sims even with traction control and other assist enabled and Tyre wear and Fuel consumption disabled. (obviously you leave mechanical damage on this isnt NFS) are a mighty challenge I haven't really been able to conquer. Causing Race Wins to feel more like a fluke that came my way rather than strategic brilliance and superb race craft. so I would really like Codies to give this type of a game a go F1 is not a fully serious sim its a perfect balance between SIMULATION AND ARCADE I would love to see their version of simcade WORLD OF MOTORSPORT GAME. before anyone says GRID AUTOSPORT, been there tried it yeah its more like 85% arcade and 15% maybe slight SIM like feel. and the GRID (2019) feels like it embraces ARCADE even more after seeing the gameplay vids. 

What I would like from a game like this is F1, Indycar, Endurance, LMPs, GT series, Rally (I personally suck at Dirt games) but not only that but these Race disciplines over the years so imagine F1 racing from 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s, 2010s, 2020s, and race at the legendary tracks with their track layout respective to that decade Remember monza and its highspeed straights with a bunch of turns that freak you out as the track lifts, to what we see today remember parabolica how if you over shot it you'd park yourself in gravel, now you have a run off to make things oh so easy. Imagine the F1 2019 graphics thrown in the mix.

I personally own Assetto Corsa and am pretty decent at it I can clock a 1.50. something at SPA in the F1 SF17H as opposed to my 1.46. something in f1 2017. Project cars 2 I tried it at my friends place, that game was beautiful but man did it feel strange. but none of these games give me a feeling of being A Racer in a High Stakes Motorsport race like CODIES DO WITH F1. JEFF no matter how annoying and weird is massively important mid race even if it is just to ask how the guy ahead is doing? and how far is he? am I closing in on him or no. sure you can simply see the timer up on the screen when you complete a lap or a sector in other games but THESE little things along with how streamlined F1's in race menu is make a huge difference. after race celebrations feel good and deliver a sence of acomplishment to see the guys you battled with on screen next to you. (lets be honest we all yell at them and say how does it feel to be a Looser. thats not just me right?) rather than just staring at a screen saying you came first. so I would really like to see Codies take a shot at this now.

Now I know Codies already has F1, DIRT, GRID and 3x 60$ games are better than 1 game. Thats not only increased profits but also reduced stress on the studio to make sure that the game has to achieve a certain amount of sales to achieve monetary success = Grid doesnt have to sell (Example purpose) 100 copies to make it a success, as F1 sold 500 and Dirt sold 250 so even if Grid sells say 80 its pretty cool as long as its above 50 to break even. so with that logic I dont think we will get a game like this especially when you consider that a game like this will eat away sales from almost annualized Franchises such as F1 and Dirt. But AutoSport happened right maybe they give it another shot with a more SIMCADE experience similar to F1 2019 with those gorgeous visuals. 




Edit : So today (11/29/2019) news is out that Codemasters is acquiring Slightly Mad Studios. and thats pretty dope. kinda explains why after kinda making A World Of Motorsport Game in Grid Autosport they made Grid 2019 and kinda scaled things back. I was under the impression it was to probably try and get back to the roots of the original game but what I wanted was Project Cars, Assetto Corsa competitor from Codies because I really love their Car Physics not really Hardcore Sim and definitely not Arcade a really perfect Balance between both while Assetto Corsa is kinda a really serious Sim and with MOD's can be upgraded to insane hardcore levels of authenticity which is amazing in itself (and something I personally enjoying and just getting into) but my main Racer Heck my most played game series this decade has been F1 20XX series mainly cause its that perfect balance and lets me really push hard but still enjoy every bloody moment of it. In Assetto Corsa its a challenge (mostly cause I'm Not that great at it YET!!!) and only upon completing a hard drive or finishing a tough race in the points is when I am like yeah that was fun. The possibility of a Codies World Of Motorsport game now is purely on the extreme's. We get Another Grid along side Project Cars with Project Car's as it is and Gird having the same engine same cars same tracks different menu and Arcadey Control systems the problem with this senario is that they will have a game competing with itself. What I find more likely is They release Project Cars 3 with A Dirt 4 Style control scheme 1 Arcadey and 2 Sim like how the first 2 were. The Reason why I think this is likely is cause there were talks of Project Cars 3 going back in some form to what was the Nfs Shift series. Business rules dictate a niche title is going to do much less business than a more Mainstream easy to access and play title. not many like this statement but its true. none the less I'm interested in seeing how this goes.

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