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**old** Help Us Test a Potential Fix For Error 41


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**OLD** Help Us Test a Potential Fix For Error 41
Hi all,

Please see this thread here for an update on Error 41 


and disregard the below instructions. I'll lock the thread to avoid confusion. 

Hi Everyone.

We've been busy talking to Valve, pouring over your DXdiags, feedback and putting together a fix for error 41.

The problem we are having is that error 41 isn't effecting everyone and none of the rigs we have in the building are giving us the issue.

Today we ran a very small test with a few people from the community who I contacted directly but the results were inconclusive - not good enough for us to push a full patch live based on anyway.


We have set up a test branch on Steam which you can opt into and download the patch, we're hoping will fix the Error 41 issue for most but it may not for all.

This is important...

If you are not experiencing the Error 41 issue when you try and launch the game DO NOT download this version of DiRT Rally.

To download the patch right click on DiRT Rally in your Library and click properties. 

Then select the beta tab

Enter the password **removed** in the box and press check code.

Then from the drop down box above select **removed** (you should only have one option)

The game will do a small download and then you should be able to launch the game.

After you click play it is really important you make a note of any messages that pop up – be them Steam message or windows messages.

We need you to let us know what they say if anything does pop up (or just take a screenshot)

We’re hoping the game will then work for you but like I said above, so far we've had mixed results.

Can you also check that you are running Direct X11 on your setup.

Again we're really sorry to the small number of players who have had the issue. 

Should this version not work for you can you please send us your DXdiags todirtgame@codemasters.com with the subject ERROR 41 - Test patch.

We'll then collect all the data up and continue our discussions with Valve.

To get your DX Diag

  • This can be created by typing “dxdiag” into your start menu, then running “dxdiag.exe”.

  • After the green progress bar has completed in the bottom left, please press “save all information” to save the required .txt file.

  • email it over to us

Again thank you for your support this week. We hope you all have a great weekend.
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I tried the Signingtest mode.  The DiRT Rally splash screen comes up for less than one second.  The Dirt Rally icon on the right flashes and that's it.  The game does NOT load.  There is no error 41 or any other activity.
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Just a short question here. Can the game run with non-dx11 compatible graphic card? Should it do automatically? We will try that patch on Sunday. After that, you will get the feedback.
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Well, i try to make this mistake happen. My game works fine, but i can´t find any option to bring that game in DX10-mode.

I play normal with DX11, it´s all fine. Then i tried do start the game with DX10 with the option <directx forcedx10="false" /> in the documents/my games/dirt rally/hardwaresettings folder. If i try to change the forcedx10 option into true, the game won´t start anymore... I get the 41 error.

I try the forcedx10-command in the other data in the game folder (hardware_settings_config.xml). That caused no crash, but the game starts with DX11. 

The problem seems to that the game can´t start in DX10, or?
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Still waiting to hear news on error 41.  I sent DxDiag to codies last week.  Have not received a response.  Basically my rig has the minimum processor and double the RAM required.  My GPU has 1gig RAM (NVIDIA GT 220).  Some websites say it is not good enough.  Others say it will work.  I don't think this issue (game not starting) is hardware related.  Or is it?
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OK, welcome back from Holiday! Time to look at DirectX 10 and 11!

It is looking like the problem starts with cards that can not read 11, not supported in driver updates, only 10. Like the ATI Radeon HD 4000 series all fall into the 10 only category.

So I would start there!
The common thread on forum is the cards are just under powered for this game and DX11.
Hope that helps buddy!
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I was able to solve the short splash screen/error 41 problem by going into the directory C:\ProgramData\Codemasters\DiRT Rally\DataCache\username\replay and deleting the replay files. I saw that they were using over 2GBs of space and as I have a small SSD for my C drive, I noticed the loss in data quickly. Upon deleting the replay file and re-launching the game, it worked as normal again. Not sure what caused this but hopefully this will help others encountering the problem.
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