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A thread about general tips and tricks with graphics in VR


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I was thinking we could share some graphics settings and tips and tricks in this thread if theres any interest. The oculus SDK update really transfered this to unplayable to addicting!

The graphics settings im using at the moment with the goal to reach 90 fps.

Nvidia driver version:


Oculus traytool
Default supersampling: 1.0
Default ASW Mode: Off

In other games i usually try to keep 1.2-1.5 supersampling but to me 1.0 feels ok in dirt rally 2 and with my gpu (GTX 1080) it doesnt seem like i have much of a choice.



multisampling - 2x msaa
Anisotropic filtering - 16x


shader detail - high
texture detail - high
reflections - medium
screen space reflections - replay mode
shadows - medium
night lightning - high
ambient oculusion - medium
advanced ambient oclusion - off
particles - high
advanced blendning - off
weather - high
crowd - low
cloth - low
mirrors - off
vehicle details - high
track - high
object - medium
trees - medium
ground cover - off
skidmarks - on
god rays - on
chromatic aberration - replay
bloom - replay mode
light streaks - on
lens dust - on

Nvidia controlpanel - manage 3d settings - program settings > dirtrally2.exe

multi-framed sampled aa (MFAA) - on


I did a testrun in Poland on a night stage with heavy rain and this is what msi afterburner looks like.




If anyone have any tips on what to change to get a better looking game to the ~same performance id appreciate it. If you using others graphics cards it'd be nice if you share what settings you use so others can copy them to try it out!


If you dont want to type all the settings you can upload them

C:\Users\YourUsername\Documents\My Games\DiRT Rally 2.0\hardwaresettings

Its hardware_settings_config you should share and not hardware_settings_config_vr

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