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[BUG] DiRT Rally - Light pods appearing on day stages

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System Spec

Steps to reproduce
Career  (Clubman Championship)> Argolis, Greece (can't remember the exact stage) > BMW E30 M3 Evo Rally (1980s)> 3rd person, bonnet, headcam

Your recent history of races 
I also restarted on that stage and the night lights still appeared in headcam (there was no lights visible in bonnet view - see attachments)

Which stage were you within the championship\custom event?
I was in a Clubman champonship event, stage 3 or 4 in Argolis, Greece 

What were you doing specifically when the crashed occurred?
The bug occured after a night stage

How long was your current session?
1-2 hours.

Which graphics preset were you using?

Pictures of the bug

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