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Where are save games from the PC Windows Store version of Dirt Rally 2.0

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I have 3 questions -

1 - Where is my progress saved on my PC? Is it hidden due to it being a PC Windows Store game? (I fear the answer is yes) Documents/My Games/DiRT Rally 2.0/savegame/ is empty.

2 - Is it backing it up to the xbox live cloud? (I fear the answer is no as the Windows store entry doesn't say it supports it)

3 - Will my progress be lost if I ever want to switch pc? (I fear the answer is yes)

I get it if being a PC Windows Store game means the save files are hidden away as a Microsoft rule, but if that's the case you need to support the Xbox live cloud save system, otherwise we're tied to one PC forever and there is nothing we can do to even manually copy it. Either support the cloud or give us the ability to backup and copy saves ourselves.

I assume it's not syncing to the cloud because I've also noticed when I launch the game on my xbox one it says syncing with cloud and then presents me with setting up a new profile screen. If you think the PC version is syncing then why isn't it showing up on my xbox?

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