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Keyboard Issues

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Whenever I play dirt rally I can play a few races before the keyboard stops responding and the gas button and either directional button are held down and make the keyboard unresponsive until you unplug it physically. This occurs every single time I have launched the game since purchase consistently.

 16gb 1600mhz ddr3 ram
 amd fx 8350 cpu
 WD caviar Black 1tb HDD
 galax gtx 980
 asus 970 am3 mobo
 corsair 850w psu
 I have dx11 installed and latest drivers. win7 ultimate
 play on ultra preset 4xmsaa 1920x1080p

To replicate the issue I just need to play any race or any mode for a period of time, the longest stint I had was 3 races without incident.
I plan to get a controller anyway but this is a huge game breaking issue that seemingly only a couple others have reported that I can find.
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update: I just started using a controller and so far so good, seems to be a keyboard control scheme issue, I figured out theres s program you can use in order to trick your pc into thinking a DS4 was a xbox controller so am very pleased.
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