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[Suggestion] - Choice of Career race duration


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Gotta agree, especially if you don't run qualifying and start from the back of the grid. 3 laps of the short courses just isn't long enough to cleanly make it to the front of the pack, you'll end up with the entire field as your nemesis lol (think it's limited to 5 though).

On a serious note though yeah I'd love the ability to either set the laps manually or have options like we got in GAS short medium or long with correspondingly adjusted prize payouts unlike FH3 where almost everyone gets the same kind of cas payouts, far too many times in team races I've seen people just sit at the start or just pootle along doing nothing to help the team win the race and reap the rewards regardless of the effort they never put in. this shouldn't be an issue in Grid but still.

I've also not seen anything about endurance races with tyre wear, it wasn't played very often but by God I had many REALLY intense races in endurance, managing the tyres whilst being pushed really REALLY hard by some of the best racers in the game.... 


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