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Alfa Romeo Giulietta TCR DLC


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I noticed a lack of cars in TC with only Subaru, Audi, Ford and Wv golf so Please codemasters add some more Brands in the touring car series. Would be awesome to have in the pack the ALFA ROMEO GIULIETTA TCR at least as a future DLC later please I really hope and why not more as well like the Seat Cupra, Honda, Peugeot, Hyundai, Fiat Tipo TCR, MG 6 and the new Mazda 3 Tcr some examples. 

My proposal why not to split touring cars into two disciplines TCR and BTCC! we always miss BTCC cars in every Grid game what a shame.. 

For GT3 series would be cool to have Lexus and Jaguar too

Also another thing why we only have 16 cars on the starting grid? Why so few? When you get used to the game and you will overtake all rivals in few corners so would be nice to have 24 cars at least to have a race more challenging. With only 16 cars on track it will be too easy 

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Thanks for your feedback in terms of content - it's been logged 🙂 

In terms of amount of cars on the grid, we found that 16 was optimum for GRID in terms of action and performance. And trust us: with the way our AI operates and the difficulty levels you can bump up to, you won't always be passing them all in a few corners 😉 

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