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[Multiplayer] [bug wall in track] [Singapure] [SG]

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Hi @Hoo


I drive in several leagues with my friends in multiplayer


several of them have had problems with the Singapore track,

it is a wall that always appears on the same curve, and he ends up crashing and terminally damaging

The leagues are considering taking the Singapore runway because of this bug, this is very frustrating. Please correct that

F1 2019 v.1.12 ps4 and Xbox One



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Hi @Hoo 

I think I can get an idea of what is causing this wall problems

the fact that some barewoods move during beats may be causing this bug

See the photos attached to a discussion in a whatapp group. It's in Brazilian Portuguese, but I believe you can understand

this bug is the most criticized of all, so pay attention to it please



parte 1.png

parte 2.png

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