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FIA World Rallycross Championship, Round 2 - United Kingdom


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Following on from the MastaVonBlasta thread on Round 1, here is a fresh one for Round 2 of the World Rallycross Championship, this time coming from Lydden Hill in the UK.

The provisional entry list went up earlier today, and it looks superb:


37 Supercars, 10 Touring Cars and 23 Super 1600's. Some big names in the Supercar class, so its going to be interesting to see who makes it to the final. 

I will be there for both days and I CANNOT WAIT! :D I've also heard word that there might be a number of RS200's on display as well: will be the icing on the cake if that is the case.

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Very excited! :)

I wish I could one day attend such an event - maybe next year.

The entry list is just insane! How can one pick a winner with such a strong field?
While Petter Solberg was very competitive in Portugal where there were tight gravel turns, it may be a different story around the fast bends of Lydden Hill.

I can't wait to see how the heats pan out and whether there'll be some big upsets. I'm also interested to see how Codies buddy Andrew Jordan fares against the top RX drivers. Perhaps Lydden Hill is the track for him to get close so best of luck to him!

I expect reports, photos and gossip from @tbtstt ! Please also try to find David Binks and cunningly steer the conversation towards what he was doing at the CM HQ :)

Here's a preview clip from RallycrossRX channel:


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Fantastic racing! I was watching with my jaw on my fat gut! :O

Coverage on the livestream was great with info&re-caps from all heats and just the right amount of comments from drivers and team members. 

The semi-finals were bonkers - the pass on Solberg from Bakkerud into the final corner must have taken some big balls! 

In the final Bakkerud made one more crucial pass on Heikkinen to come out just in front of Larsson (who was mighty impressive!). 
Shame about Petter but he's made quite a few mistakes this weekend: missing the joker lap in Heat 3, allowing Bakkerud through, poor start in the final and then a very optimistic move on Foust...
He's had the ultimate pace as showed by his fastest lap, but he didn't race all that well seemingly.

I'm also a big fan of RX Lites now and this young American kid Mitchell deJong! For him to win so convincingly despite this being his first time racing out of US and first time racing the RX lite just shows how talented he is. I really REALLY hope that RX Lites will find a place in the next DiRT game!.

Great job by Andrew Jordan too! I never imagined him getting a podium! Seems like a great guy and I hope Codies will keep him as consultant for both GRID and DiRT titles.

Compared to Monaco GP RX at Lydden Hill was a prime example of pure motorsport for me.No whinging, accusing, dirt in eyes and sad sad faces. Flat out with a smile on their faces - Andrews 'Baby Blue' Bakkerud seems like the happiest person on the planet!

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SUCH a great weekend. Some excellent racing in all the classes, rounded off with some superb finals.

Gutted Solberg didn't win, but Bakkerud has been quick all weekend and was a deserving winner. Impressive driving from Foust and Larsson, brilliant result for Jordan. So good to see him back in rallycross again, I hope not for the last time!
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