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[GRID 2019] Graphics Discussion - Why exactly it looks #LikeNoOther


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dont think so, static stopped screen from replay to incrase quality. there isnt any blur and this shorter distances no longer improve quality. I also wonder how someone can approved the most important object on the entire route on which everyone hangs an eye, in such a FATALITY of texturing in 2019/2020. building models are also usually very simplified and cubed and this must be lazzyness or indolence because there is no other rational explanation ... meh

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could you relink this comparison above to the official GRID tweeter? or better the Codemasters because it'll be fair to us.

this fatality downgrade is so obvious that there should be warning with one of those pics on the front side of the box of Grid

are you going to do something about it?????????? would you buy if you knew it was a step back this caliber ??


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At the end of the day, with a few exceptions these are all things you shouldn't notice or be bothered about because you are meant to be hammering it around the track and looking where you are going and not sight seeing. 

The issue is there is so much that is lacking in the game compared to previous Grids that you have no choice but to compare and see is it really #LikeNoOther and the answer is yes, it really isn't like any other, its so much worse.

Off the top of my head:

  • Fewer game modes, missing are: elimination, endurance, checkpoint, drift, drag, demo
  • Fewer tracks, only 1 sprint (cant be licensing).
  • Lower quality gfx... see above
  • Botched multiplayer: slowly getting fixed but needs more settings like limit grid size and no tuning or lobby text chat.
  • **** car tuning: maybe just me but i prefer gearing, front/rear suspension, downforce, ride height.
  • Totally broken damage system.


What 2019 has got going for it imo:

  • Weather/time of day
  • Track limits penalties
  • Car handling




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50 minutes ago, lastbreath said:

We need to investigate it. I extracted Sagrade Familia textures from Autosport:


Can someone do the same thing with GRID2019? We will compare them and find out the answer what is the problem: poor texture or short LOD


great idea but me PS4, somebody else?

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2 hours ago, GavinMac said:

got this but nfi what im doing or even if its the proper one..


Looks like you got it right because my texture has the same name - bar_fea_sagrade_familia_a_1_d.tga. It was located in Barcelona folder in a file named route_patchup_ot.pssg

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